Latest Developments from Intelliquip

The Ugly Truth

There’s no denying it. For 15 plus years our technology team has created sales automation software that just isn’t all that attractive.

In fact, the truth is it’s really kind of ugly.

When we founded Intelliquip in 2000, we did not focus on creating fancy interfaces or “pretty” automation solutions. Instead, reflecting our training and experience as engineers and technology specialists, we focused on functionality and speed.

And we succeeded. Today we have written what amounts to nearly 4 million lines of code, code that speeds through the intricate, complex processes associated with selecting, configuring, pricing and quoting pumps, blowers, compressors, valves, motors, and other equipment in the fluid handling equipment niche.

And we’ve heard about it. Application engineers, who comprise the bulk of our power users, love our system. It eliminates errors and increases overall sales process productivity as much as 90%, leaving more time for actually selling. It can cut a 2-3 hour job down to twenty minutes with perfectly branded, fully documented quotation packages, including cover letter, terms and conditions, brochures, table of contents, customer price sheets, data sheets, drawings, and, if needed, performance curves.

We have developed hundreds of unique functionalities making our user’s lives a little easier: interstage take-off; compressible flow selector; project pricing override; multiple format datasheet population; 19 languages and mixed currencies; “one entry only” business intelligence; automatic multi-item, multi-option configuration changes; advanced vertical turbine calculations; head loss calculation; customer price sheet edit, multi-option price override.

It’s enough to make your eyes cross. And that is exactly the problem we face.

In our dogged determination to design a system that manages very simple to highly complex products, we didn’t think about attractive packaging. Less experienced users can find our software too “Plain Jane,” more intimidating than inviting.

We get it. That’s why we are working to better engage all users, maintaining and even expanding robust functionality, adding simplified interfaces — while still leveraging the knowledgebase investment made by all of our clients.

Our makeover is well under way as we head into 2016. It is a monumental, multi-year effort, but many of our clients are already excited by what they see — and that’s more than skin deep.