Rails & Java Software Engineers

Work with our fun and hard working team — which includes one of the co-authors of the Agile Manifesto — to help chart the course for our web-based applications to meet our growing demand for modern, clean, awesome, responsive, UX.

We are looking for awesome Rails/Java/DevOps engineers for:

  • Rails stack with MongoDB, JavaScript, Zurb Foundation, etc.
  • Full Java stack (Apache, Tomcat, SQL Server).
  • DevOps who understand scalable, cloud-based solutions.

Contact us now if you have:

  • A passion for being a professional software craftsman
  • Strong problem-solving skills, able to adapt to a wide variety of challenges
  • The ability to generate high-quality, well-architected solutions
  • The knack for staying on the leading edge of modern web app development
  • Outgoing personality, able to work in a team environment and have fun debating architecture and alternative designs (but not ad infinitum :-))
  • A nut about test-driven and behavior-driven development (or willing to be guided)
  • An interest in challenging problem domains: fluid handling mechanical equipment, mathematical algorithms, cool graphing requirements, etc.

Skills & Requirements:

Developer Responsibilities include:

  • Help build out new products using Ruby, Rails, HTML5, JS, MongoDB, SQL Server, etc.
  • Redesign and enhance existing complex Java applications to address new requirements or code maintenance / refactoring / bugs (the usual)
  • Perform thorough testing of all code via BDD/TDD
  • Provide assistance, direction and mentoring to junior developers as appropriate

DevOps responsibilities include:

  • Help improve our existing deployment strategy
  • Help redesign a brand new infrastructure
    • Multiple geographies (US, Europe)
    • Fault tolerant, disaster recovery
    • Load balancing

Relevant Technologies:

  • Ruby/Rails/MongoDB stack
  • Javascript, CSS, SASS, HTML5
  • Java 2EE/Servlet, Tomcat, Apache, SQL Server
  • Behavior- and Test-Driven Development
  • Responsive web design, Zurb Foundation
  • Git, Mercurial
  • AWS, Heroku, Docker, et al

Though we anticipate the successful applicant to have a few years of successively growing experience, we are not adverse to the “wunderkind” with a great aptitude and attitude!

We prefer someone to be close enough to meet with/work in our new office in an awesome, historical, downtown Bethlehem, PA, location. But, given a stellar, proven, remote talent, we might be able to work something out.

Applications can be sent to [email protected]