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HI: 100 Years and Going Strong

This past weekend, Tryg Dahl and I participated in The Hydraulic Institute’s Annual Conference and 100th Anniversary celebration in Orlando. I say participate rather than attend, as HI has always been a volunteer based “working” organization; developing standards, guidelines and education for the benefit of their members and the industry. Tryg and I were definitely working, but as always, we enjoyed catching up with our friends throughout the industry. Thank you to all HI staff and volunteers for putting on a great event!

As we were reminded in one of our meetings, this event kicked-off a yearlong celebration for the 100th anniversary. One of the primary goals over the next year is to educate and attract new young talent to the industry. A Centennial web page is now live on the HI website with some interesting historical content and a good video outlining the pump industry. I encourage you to take some time and review.

I got a much better vibe on 2017/2018 business than I had in 2016. I trust this bodes well for all of our industry.

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