In this time of Thanksgiving, I Give Thanks

A special message from Dave Brockway, Co-Founder

Passion. It has been my driving force throughout the 42 years of my professional career. I have had the good fortune to be associated with companies and products that I passionately believe in—beginning with IBM in 1977 and culminating with Intelliquip today. It makes the days go faster and the work more fun. I have attempted to be a catalyst in fostering and encouraging passion in all our employees. We believe in our products, we believe in our people, and we believe in excellence. How can you NOT like coming into work in that kind of environment? I am a lucky guy.

However, I am also mortal and no longer 35. That’s why, 15 months ago, we put a plan into place for my eventual retirement. My co-founders earned their well-deserved promotions, Tryg Dahl to president and Dave Tress to Sr. VP. Yes, I know it is hard for some of you to believe, but I actually intended to—and I really will—begin stepping back from my duties. I am not disappearing, but rather scaling back my day- to-day involvement with the business. I promised my wife years ago that I would retire when our first grandchild was 18 months old. That date is quickly approaching, and I am a man of my word. I look forward to spending time with Emmie and pursuing many other non-business interests.

Intelliquip is in good hands. The fact is, Tryg and Dave are rock stars and have been running Intelliquip for years. I have simply played a supporting role.

I love the fluid handling equipment industry. I love rotating equipment. I love that I was able to spend 40 years in this industry, the last 20, building software to help clients all over the globe. I am truly grateful.

And, in that spirit, I need to thank many people, starting with my wife and family for putting up with my obsession about my work. Thank you to all my business partners and investors over the years. We took a wild ride, but I am glad I was on it with you. Thank you to my co-founders Tryg and Dave. I can’t think of two finer gentlemen—great businessmen, but more importantly, great men of integrity. Thank you to all of our employees. You make Intelliquip great, and I am proud of every one of you. Thank you to all of our clients. You put your trust in Intelliquip, some of you nearly 20 years ago before we had written a single line of code. Your financial support and technical feedback over the years has made our firm what it is today.

Finally, thank you to the industry and everyone in it. You know who you are. Although I will not be immersed in the industry and the business as I have been over the years, I will still be involved. I look forward to staying connected. Be assured that the open mind and heart you’ve shown me will be reciprocated in the days and years ahead.

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your families.