Latest Developments from Intelliquip

My Wayard Path

From brick and mortar to cyberspace and now to branded technology studios. What a journey this business has been.

Fifteen years ago, I set aside two and a half decades of living in the brick and mortar world (pumps and pumping systems) to co-found a company whose products primarily exist in a less tangible space.

We launched Intelliquip, a sales automation company that designs software solutions for the front-end functions of the fluid handling equipment manufacturing industry. The change from hard steel to “soft” code was much more dramatic than I anticipated.

From my many years designing and selling pumps and pumping systems, I knew our products and services were needed and valuable. From the cumulative experiences of my partners, Tryg Dahl and Dave Tress, I knew that what we set out to create was achievable and feasible. The challenge lay in perfecting our products, expanding their capacity, and demonstrating their benefits to people a lot more comfortable with flow, viscosity and head, than selectors, configurators and digital knowledge building.

I will spare you the sales pitch. But I truly believe our company has succeeded because we’ve proven that the right tools make sales and marketing personnel far more productive, more accurate in selection and configuration and more responsive to their customer needs. Mobile technologies have only enhanced these bottom line impacts even further.

And as our market has changed, so have we. Intelliquip has grown and we’ve worked hard to attract the most talented engineers and programmers to give us the greatest depth and breadth within our niche. But, you know what happens as you grow? You hire people who have less knowledge of your history and what makes you unique. You don’t always remember that these newcomers and their customer interaction tell a story about you. As marketers tell us, brand amounts to the impressions you convey every time someone interacts with you.

So, when the time came to move to a larger office space, we made a conscious decision to make it innovative, fun, and full of colors and words that reflect what Intelliquip is. We moved into downtown Bethlehem, one of America’s best examples of a “Rust Belt” comeback city. We settled in a renovated old building that captures the spirit and heritage of this steel-turned-high-tech town. We’ve spent time over the last year sharing our story, our history, and what makes us unique with the people who most need to know it: our employees. And now we’ve “branded” that story even onto the walls of our new corporate headquarters and international technology center.

It’s fitting that Intelliquip’s new high technology home lies in the epicenter of what was one of the world’s most prolific steel centers. Our journey has taken us full-circle.