Latest Developments from Intelliquip

Giving you a PASS

(Portal And Simplified Selection) Pump manufacturers have new tools to help less knowledgeable online users quickly and accurately select the products they need — thanks to a new portal and simplified pump selector created by the industry experts at Intelliquip. While the number of fields to input are greatly reduced, the new interface still leads […]

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Who Moved The Cheese?

Translation: Who Changed The Quote – Tales from Sales in the Fluid Handling Equipment World Creating and completing quotes for pumps, blowers, compressors, valves and other fluid handling equipment can be a complex, lengthy process, at times involving multiple experts within a company. That’s why the niche industry automation specialists at Intelliquip included a quote […]

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Insights from Industry Leader Dave Brockway

This Q & A was featured on in Charli’s Blog. By Charli K. Matthews When I was at the Hydraulic Institute’s annual meeting last month, I had the pleasure of once again speaking with Dave Brockway, Co-Founder and President of Intelliquip; a company that specializes in the automation of front-end sales processes for fluid handling […]

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