Intelliquip X-SheetsTM

How much time have you lost to filling out multiple vendor data sheets just to compare quotes?

No more. X-SHEETS TM eliminates the need for tedious, repetitive data entry. Navigate easily between a variety of data sheet standards with menus and pick lists and instantly import data into a variety of formats that can be quickly edited, stored, printed or shared.

X-SHEETS TM grew out of our collaboration with the Hydraulic Institute and it leverages Electronic Data Exchange formats and new rendering technology to support rapid development of online datasheets using a standardized Intelliqup data dictionary.

Use X-SHEETS TM to quickly fill in customer specific datasheet formats, RFQ documents for buyout items and Order Entries.


    API Datasheets

    (using xSheet templates)


    PIP Data Sheets

    Process Industry Practices


    HI EDE

    Hydraulic Institute Electronic Data Exchange Standards


    Export to MS-Excel

    Including custom templates (engineering calculators for axial thrust, life cycle costs, etc.)