Project Portal

Tired of juggling multiple iterations of equipment specifications and project bids? Frustrated with chasing phone calls, long email chains and missing deadlines? With Project Portal TM you can centralize projects, collaborate with partners and share specifications with customers easily, conveniently and accurately every time.

Project Portal TM also offers easy equipment selection for projects and includes a simple “Request for Info/Quote” feature. The RFI/Q process allows managers to save time and seamlessly turn requests into configured and priced quotes. Enjoy roll-up Business IQ stats to help you manage effectively and develop new business.

For OEMs with distribution channels, the Project Portal TM provides your distributors with tools to easily collaborate on projects, select and quote your products, and engage with their customers.

Project Portal TM makes it easy to build brand loyalty and close more sales.

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    View multiple projects through your dashboard.



    Illustrate quotes with price sheets, cover letters, general arrangement drawings, etc. in PDF, ZIP or read-only link.


    Collaborate on

    Grant access to edit and share comments with individuals and teams. Much quicker than phone calls and email chains.


    Respond to

    End users request a quote and your support team receive Project Portal and email notifications.