Quick Config

When you think of fluid handling equipment, how many combined specifications, options, sizes, and certifications come to mind? Answer: Countless.

In more than thirty years of building front-end automation software we’ve never seen an ordinary, generic or standard implementation. But we also know not every end user is an experienced application engineer.

That’s why we built Quick Config TM, a rules-based customization tool that is as powerful and unique as your products and yet accessible to ALL of your end-users and customers.

No matter how advanced or simplified the interface, our products always draw from your same comprehensive knowledge base. Add fields without changing the application code. It’s intuitive and takes minutes, not hours.

Looking for a fresh solution for end users, specifying engineers, distributors, external reps and agents? Quick Config TM works seamlessly across any device with Intelliquip’s suite of Customer Facing Apps.

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    Unique Fields

    Dynamically constructed from your knowledgebase.


    Configure Equipment

    With rule-based fields that eliminate human error.



    Display prices with automatic pricing data updates.



    Add fields without changing the application code.