Quick Select

Why choose between advanced technical functionality for expert users and a simple interface for end users, when it all still draws upon your comprehensive knowledge base?

Choose no more. Intelliquip created an industry first with Quick Select TM. Your product lines can be easily accessed by anyone, no matter their expertise. All users make high-quality product choices, with instant access to documents, performance curves, datasheets and GA drawings – all branded to your company standards. We combine the most powerful selection program on the market with a clean, customizable interface.

In the fluid handling world, we KNOW that CPQ is really SCPQ – highly engineered equipment demands highly sophisticated selections. Whether you’re looking to engage with more end users, expand distribution channels or provide mobile solutions for external reps, Quick Select TM brings, power, precision and convenience to your unique brand.

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    Easy-to-use Interface

    Draws on the industry’s most powerful selector.


    Compare Equipment

    Present head-to-head data sheets for quick comparison.


    Access Curves & Data Sheets

    Supply 100% customizable performance curves, datasheets, GA drawings, etc.


    Present Documents

    Distribute documents for download in PDF or ZIP format.