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The Long View

By Dave Brockway 

Much of the technology created by our industry is hidden — locked up in pump houses, encased in larger systems, embedded far underground. That’s why finding this Archimedes screwpump, prominently exhibited at Disney Springs’ new expansion, brought a smile to my face. Here was real ingenuity on full display.

Just like our products stay hidden, so does our history. We’re so busy building today’s systems that we overlook the inventions, innovations and ingenuity that made what was impossible possible.
That’s why I encourage you to join me and the Intelliquip team at this year’s Hydraulic Institute (HI) Annual Meeting in Orlando, March 8 – 13. We’re celebrating the centennial of HI and the transformative power of pumping systems.

Think of it. More than two thousand years ago, Archimedes perfected a technology for keeping ships afloat, moving water out of places it shouldn’t be (inside the hull of a boat), and also to places it should be (irrigating crops).

In 2017 we reap enormous benefits from centrifugal, roto-dynamic, vertical, positive displacement and multistage pumps. Without the standardization, innovation and safety advanced by our industry, our world would be vastly different and far less advanced, whether in extracting and moving oil and gas, generating power or pumping water to our homes and farms.

HI affords us the chance to ponder our rich history. As the organization describes it, the “event will recognize the critical role pumps play in society and honor pioneers, innovations, organizations, and technical achievements that have propelled the industry for the past century.”

History can teach us not just where we came from but also where we are likely to go next. Take the time to return to the long view, whether peering down the well or looking back in time.

Rediscover what made today possible and what promises to make tomorrow even more interesting.

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