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Tools that Tame the Tedious

By Tryg Dahl, Ph.D., P.E.

I remember it well. I became highly motivated to automate certain tasks at Ingersoll-Rand some 30 years ago because I could not understand why we would waste so much time performing the same calculations over and over again.

We had long since mastered the formulas and we had stuffed ourselves with an encyclopedic knowledge of our products. Nevertheless, we had to tediously repeat the selections and calculations every time. No matter how many we created before, final selection quotes always absorbed hours of time and they always represented a massive misuse of brainpower.

So last year, when the Hydraulic Institute (HI) approached our firm about helping to create an online Pump Energy Index Calculator, it was deja vu all over again. How could we help industry leaders quickly and accurately determine where their products fell on the continuum of energy efficiency?

PEI was forced into existence by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) compliance and labeling requirements set to take effect by 2020. The regulations require that a pump earn a PEI value of less than or equal to 1.00 in order to be eligible for sale in the United States. The PEI is also the basis for the Hydraulic Institute Energy Rating program that promotes energy rebates that can be offered to the consumer.

While pump manufacturers clearly need to know and understand the PEI values that apply to their pump models, this exercise could again become a crash course in tedium if an on-line calculator wasn’t provided. The PEI Calculator that HI, Intelliquip and Engineered Software Inc. developed was unveiled at HI’s Annual Conference and Centennial Celebration last month. If you missed the news, be sure to check out the press release from HI.

We’re honored that when HI saw the need for an easy-to-use online PEI calculator and a first-ever Energy Ratings Portal that could help the industry evolve, they turned to Intelliquip. Our company’s software solutions uniquely reflect in-depth industry knowledge honed by more than 200 implementations over the last seventeen years.

And those same power user applications and customer facing apps tap into our long history of working in the fluid handling industry and helping industry professionals preserve precious brain cells for innovative ideas rather than repetitive math.

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