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Founded in 2000, Intelliquip is driven by veteran industry innovators Dave Brockway, Trygve Dahl and Dave Tress. The company’s combined 120+ years of experience uses artificial intelligence, specifically expert systems, that are the most intuitive, powerful and fastest software solutions for manufacturers of highly engineered fluid handling equipment.

Intelliquip’s products simplify the complex.

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Intelliquip Team

120+ years of industry, technology and innovation experience.


Trygve Dahl, Ph.D., P.E.

Founder & President

For more than 30 years, Trygve Dahl has harnessed technology to create new innovations for the fluid handling equipment industry. He began his career as a design engineer with Ingersoll-Rand Company in 1983 where he participated in and led numerous product development programs and won a patent for an innovative pump design. He applied CAD/CAM/CAE technologies to hydraulic and mechanical design and to structural and fluid dynamic analysis of pumping equipment.

In the early 1990s, Dahl continued to explore the use of computer-aided tools to aid in solving conceptual and detailed design problems. This work led to the development of PROS+TM, one of the world’s most powerful and advanced software solutions for pump selection and configuration at the time. He also did research in design theory, focused on the implementation of design systems for engineered-to-order ranges of complex mechanical products. He was able to exploit this work as the Director of Technology for Ingersoll-Dresser Pump before leaving to co-found Intelliquip.

Today, Dr. Dahl continues to emphasize the use of design theory, practical engineering principals, and 30+ years in the industry to direct the business development and technology for Intelliquip’s Intelligent Front End solutions. These include real-world selection, configuration, and quote management solutions, plus emerging technologies based on mobile devices, data analytics, and data exchange.

Dahl has won many industry awards, including the Hydraulic Institute’s 2010 Member of the Year Award, and authored over a dozen technical papers, as well as a chapter on “Selecting and Purchasing Pumps” published in the Pump Handbook. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Summa Cum Laude), an M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, all from Lehigh University. He’s also earned a Professional Engineer license, is a member of the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, and a Six Sigma “Green Belt.” Dahl also chairs the Electronic Data Exchange Committee for the Hydraulic Institute, and is actively involved in the American Petroleum Institute and Fiatech.


Dave Brockway


Intelliquip Co-Founder Dave Brockway has been a successful entrepreneur in the fluid handling equipment industry for more than three decades. After earning a degree in industrial engineering from Pennsylvania State University, he began his career as an IBM systems engineer managing new computer installations for distributors and manufacturers.

In 1980, he became a partner in a start-up pump distribution company which eventually grew to a $100 million enterprise. Brockway focused on the strategic development and growth of sister companies specializing in the modular pumping systems business – Flowtronex PSI and Flowtronex International. As president of Flowtronex for 10 years, he advanced the use of collaborative sales force automation software that led to a 1000% increase in revenues while maintaining net profits in excess of 15%. He introduced variable frequency drive technology to golf course irrigation and snowmaking applications, and soon earned the largest market share in the world for this type of equipment Flowtronex PSI was acquired by ITT Industries in 2002.

In July 2000, Brockway co-founded Intelliquip with the objective to develop the world’s most advanced web-based selection, configuration, pricing and quoting system for the rotating equipment industry. Under Brockway’s direction, Intelliquip has led this niche industry in innovative technologies such as cloud computing, mobile applications, business intelligence, and the core competencies of complex product selection and configuration. Brockway travels the globe consulting with industry executives on how to harness technology and leverage their sales force and sales channels. He is a strong supporter of the Hydraulic Institute and has served on its board of directors for a number of years.


David L. Tress

Founder & Vice President of Operations

David Tress’ extensive experience in designing software for sophisticated applications includes over two decades concentrated on automating the front-end processes of engineered equipment companies. He began his career with the US Air Force in 1985 as an officer responsible for acquiring and maintaining heavy industrial support equipment. While with the Air Force, he designed and implemented a reliability information system for the entire USAF vehicle fleet.

In 1989, Tress joined Ingersoll-Rand’s Pump Division as a design engineer who brought the latest in CAE techniques to the division. He became software development manager in 1993 and one of the chief software architects of the company’s PROS+™ system. In 1997, Tress was promoted to Groupware development manager, and he managed the creation and implementation of a worldwide sales and marketing quote reporting and collaboration system for the company’s sales force.

After co-founding Intelliquip in 2000, he took on leadership of Intelliquip’s e-commerce systems including the firm’s Quote Manager and Configurator software products. In 2005, Tress assumed the Director of Professional Services role, where he oversaw all client implementation projects and ongoing support efforts. Now, as Intelliquip’s Vice President of Operations, he heads up all operations for development, implementation and hosting of the company’s software solutions.

Tress holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Summa Cum Laude) and a M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Lehigh University.

  • Trygve Dahl, Ph.D., P.E.

    Founder & President

  • Dave Brockway


  • David L. Tress

    Founder & Vice President of Operations

International Technology Center

Located in the historic downtown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (USA), the Intelliquip International Technology Center hosts clients in online or in person in the Isaac Newton, Daniel Bernoulli or Blaise Pascal conference rooms.

We’re proud to be a Top Workplace, as named by The Morning Call, for the last two years running.

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