Case Studies and Technical Papers

Hear from Our Clients and Intelliquip Experts:

  • PumpWorks Case Study

    “‘It would have been impossible to grow this quickly.’ That’s how Mark Weidmann, VP of Sales – Midstream / Down-stream Markets for Oil and Gas for DXP’s PumpWorks describes the impact of Intelliquip’s front-end sales automation products.” Download PDF

  • Weir Specialty Pumps Case Study

    “We can quickly demonstrate the differences between how different pump sizes and types would perform under the same conditions. This kind of responsiveness is extremely powerful for us. We engage with the customer in hours rather than days, and we show very professional computer generated curves.”Download PDF

  • Technical Paper – True Weighted Efficiency – A Different Method for Comparing Pumps

    A discussion of the new metric called True Weighted Efficiency, which takes energy consumption at each operating point into consideration. This article by Intelliquip’s Trygve Dahl, Ph.D., P.E. was first printed in the January 2018 issue of Pumps and Systems magazine. Formulas and pump performance curves are given to illustrate that the True Weighted Efficiency method warrants more widespread use in the industry. Download PDF

  • Wilfley Case Study

    “The system captures invaluable information. For the first time, we can easily pinpoint what product lines sell best and in what markets, what distributors close the most sales, what we’re missing in terms of requests that we can’t meet — it’s just an incredible benefit that we’re beginning to realize.”Download PDF

  • Technical Paper – Electronic Data Exchange in the Pump Industry

    A look at the process of sending and receiving technical and commercial information using digital file transfer methodologies. Delivered at the 2007 International Pump Symposium, Intelliquip’s Trygve Dahl coauthored this paper with Kenneth Burkhardt and Mark Palmer. They highlight the benefits of Elecroinic Data Exchange standardization over conventional, paper-based methods and demonstrate how EDE streamlines transactions in the pump industry.Download PDF

  • Technical Paper – The Evolution of the Pump Business in the Information Age

    This paper by Intelliquip’s Trygve Dahl, Ph.D., P.E. looks back at the beginnings of Intelliquip. Delivered at the 2001 ASME Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting, we’re proud of Trygve’s work pioneering selection, configuration, pricing and quotation in the pump business. It’s interesting to see how he predicted Project Portal early in the Internet era. Download PDF

  • Preliminary Pump Selection and Configuration in an Engineered-to-Order Design Environment

    A ground breaking ASME paper delivered at the 1997 Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting by Trygve Dahl, Ph.D. P.E., and John B. Ochs Ph.D., M.S. This description of a front end sales automation software system for pump selection, configuration and data exchange was implemented while Trygve worked at Ingersoll-Dresser Pump. The results were a 38% improvement in productivity and a 30% improvement in the technical quality of pump selections compared to traditional methods. Download PDF