Case Studies

Hear from those who know Intelliquip best:

  • Wilfley Case Study

    The “dramatic” differences between Intelliquip and more generic products are “analogous to advancing from a DOS platform to Windows or Snow Leopard. We went to a much more nimble and robust platform. It’s so much more powerful that we are reevaluating our systems and engineering data to ensure we properly accounted for all options.”Download PDF

  • Best PumpWorks Case Study

    “When it comes to sheer ability to rapidly and accurately sift through mountains of data, the tool has pumped our productivity ten-fold… Working together with Intelliquip, we digitized our pumping curves and standardized key calculations. It’s amazing what this means to our customers.”Download PDF

  • PumpWorks 610 Case Study

    “Intelliquip had more engineering and pump industry expertise than any other software and consulting firm. We valued their capabilities and track record. That knowledge shines through in their software… The Intelliquip platform was and is instrumental in gaining visibility among customers as a manufacturer of choice. Our sales have increased fifty-fold in four years.”Download PDF

  • Weir SP Case Study

    “The Intelliquip system allows us the ability to respond quickly to our customers’ requests with much less effort compared to our previous system along with a more detailed, professional-looking quote package. Not a day goes by that our application engineers aren’t using the Intelliquip system.”Download PDF